A Useful Guide To Keeping Goats

Published: 09th November 2009
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One needs to be very well prepared before keeping goats. This guide will show you various information about goats and how you can raise them in your farm.

Basic Terms

These are a list of common terms that are used in goat farming. You will find them necessary in the care and nourishment of your animals.

• Cashmere - the fiber generated from Pashmina or Cashmere goats

• Mohair - fiber obtained from the Angora breed

• Chevon - other name for goat meat

• Wether - a castrated male goat

• Buck - a fully grown male goat

• Doe - a mature female goat

• Buckling - a term used for immature male goats

• Doeling - a name for immature female goats

• Kid - a goat that is under six months old

Some Fundamental Facts

There is a need to learn basic facts when you're keeping goats. Here are some of the primary things to keep in mind.

• Expected number of kids per pregnancy - 1 to 2

• Gestational period - around 150 days

• Allowable breeding age - eight to ten months for females

• Housing and spacing required - 200ft outdoors and 15ft indoors

• Productive life of a fiber or dietary goat - seven years

• General lifespan - 10-12 years but can live for as long as 30 years

• Different breeds of goats are used for milk and meat production

A Goat's Behavior

Like many animals, goats are friendly and curious creatures. They can sometimes have bad habits of destroying things especially when raised at home. These instances, however, can be avoided if they are nurtured properly. Before keeping goats, it is necessary that you understand their nature to better handle their behavior.

• Goats may chew and destroy the bark of your farm trees.

• These animals are enthusiastic climbers.

• They can be trained to stand for milking or shearing and they can be trained to lead as well.

• Goats are naturally curious. They investigate the environment with their mouth.

• Goats are extremely social animals. They enjoy being raised with other farm animals.

• Like other animals, goats can exhibit an active and fighting behavior when threatened. Therefore, it is important to avoid provoking such animals.

• Goats need to be protected from wild animals. The two have certain behavioral patterns that are not compatible.

There are many other things to learn about keeping goats. For instance, you may want to learn about their feeding habits before deciding to grow them. A pet goat care book guide is available over the net or in bookstores to keep you guided by.


For more information about keeping goats, visit this link http://www.keeping-goats.com and have your share of information on raising goats.

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